Adjusting to Life with Fibromyalgia: 5 Helpful Tips

Many patients, newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia or not, search for a chiropractor for fibromyalgia in Pittsburgh. Fibromyalgia can shake the world of anyone who has it. It is definitely a major life change to deal with chronic pain, fatigue, and stigma attached to the disorder. Aside from those, patients also must cope with other symptoms

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Relieving Vertigo Symptoms with Proper Neck Alignment

As veteran vertigo chiropractic doctors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we’ve seen how vertigo symptoms can affect those who experience it. But in case you aren’t familiar with this disorder, it brings discomfort through an uncontrollable spinning sensation, even while in a stationary position.  The spinning sensation of vertigo can happen from two perspectives. If you feel

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5 Tips and Tricks to Manage Fibromyalgia Fatigue

When talking about fibromyalgia, most people share about the chronic pain that comes with it but neglect one important symptom that can be just as debilitating – fatigue. In this blog, we are going to give you five tips and tricks to manage this symptom of fibromyalgia and maintain your productivity despite the fatigue. We

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Answers to 3 Most-Asked Questions about Meniere’s Disease

Few people understand the nature of Meniere’s disease. It is an inner ear disorder which often affects only one ear and is known to cause several conditions such as vertigo or dizziness, tinnitus (ringing of the ear), ear congestion, and fluctuating hearing loss. As a vertigo chiropractic doctor in Pittsburg, we have treated patients with

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A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Migraines in Children

If you think children are spared from migraines, you are wrong. As a parent, it is essential to know that migraines are a neurological disorder that affects people of all ages, including children. As many as 39 million people in the world suffer from migraines, and about 5% of those are kids. Those as young

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Correcting Spinal Alignment Brings Vertigo Relief

Vertigo is not merely feeling dizzy. It is an encompassing sensation that you or the world around you is spinning. In other words, you have a false sense of movement when there actually is no movement happening. Other associated symptoms include nausea, vomiting, problems walking, and sweating. If the symptoms worsen when you move your

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Upper Cervical Chiropractors in Pittsburgh Examine the Cause of Migraines

If you are suffering the effects of migraines, then you know just how debilitating they are, but rest assured that you are far from alone. There are about 39 million people in the US suffering from this neurological condition. So why don’t we have a better grasp of the underlying cause of migraines? We're going

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Meniere’s Disease: Your Guide to Getting Relief

Vertigo, the sensation of whirling and loss of balance, is not a standalone condition in and of itself.  Rather, vertigo is a symptom of an underlying health condition, typically a disorder of the inner ear. With vertigo, people can experience episodes of dizziness that can last for a minute, for days, and any duration of

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Migraines: Keeping a Diary and What Triggers to Be Aware Of

If you have ever had an experience with migraines or know someone who suffers, you appreciate just how severe this neurological condition can be. Migraines are known for several symptoms: Severe pounding and throbbing head pain One side of the head may be affected or both sides Sensitivity to light, sound, and certain odors Nausea

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