My menstrual cycle is finally regular and the headaches and cramps are gone.

“I was suffering from an irregular menstrual cycle that was accompanied by persistent headaches and severe lower abdominal cramps. This condition continued to plague me for 8 to 10 years. I had spoken to several doctors about the cramps and headaches. I was given prescription medications to take, however, I would get very tired after taking the meds. I was put on birth control to regulate my menstrual cycle, however, it would not stay consistent.

Since getting adjusted, I am able to function on a day-to-day basis without irritating, persistent pains. I feel as if I am thinking more clearly and I feel like I have more energy. There have also been some unexpected changes in my life–my allergies to cats have DISAPPEARED! I am now the proud owner of 2 cats!

I would definitely suggest going to see Dr. Koran and Dr. Chad to discuss with them how they can help you. They have both helped me to realize how important it is to have my body “in-line”. It makes such a difference in my life!”

I was back to full potential within weeks and running farther and faster than before the injury!

“The condition that brought me to Tranquility Specific Chiropractic was an injured hamstring. I am a college athlete and injured myself while running up a hill. I stepped in a hole and severely pulled by hamstring. The athletic trainer at the university sent me for physical therapy, but the pain persisted. I was unable to train to my full capacity, jeopardizing my chances of a successful season.

I saw the doctors at Tranquility Specific Chiropractic and the hamstring was pain free! I was back to full potential within weeks and running farther and faster than before the injury! I found that my strength training improved and I was able to compete at a higher level.

In addition to the relief of my athletic injury, my allergies subsided and my skin rashes disappeared. I would recommend that all athletes get checked by the doctors at Tranquility Specific Chiropractic. It has dramatically increased my athletic performance!”

There are so many areas that can be healed by such a small adjustment!

“For 2 years, I have had extreme pain in my neck and left arm from 2 ruptured discs in my lower neck. I had been to physical therapy, several medical doctors and other chiropractors. I had to perform traction exercises and my doctor told me that relief from herniated discs was never long term. He offered me pain medication and wanted to schedule me at a pain clinic for cortizone shots to ease the pain and, eventually, surgery. I was told that surgery was my only option.

Before coming to Tranquility Specific Chiropractic, the use of my left arm was extremely limited. I couldn’t carry anything with my left hand, including my purse. I couldn’t lift my child without pain. Driving caused terrible pain in my neck extending down my left arm. I walked around with my arm folded, holding my neck all the time. I couldn’t sleep on my left side or in a bed.

Now, I can use my arm freely and drive without pain! I have gotten back 100% of my life. I can sleep better, on both my left and right side and have begun an exercise program!

I would urge people who are on the medical track with constant doctor visits, medications and therapies to go to Tranquility Chiropractic and get evaluated. There are so many areas that can be healed with such a small adjustment. Why wait? Go right away!”

I didn’t have any back pain and difficulty sleeping and only minimal pelvic discomfort and reflux. Also, the labor time was dramatically decreased!

“For 10 years, I had suffered from migraine headaches, neck stiffness and middle back pain. The migraines would leave me inactive and unable to participate in many of my daily activities. I had tried multiple medications such as pain relievers and anti-inflammatories. I also had been to a regular chiropractor for these problems, which gave me temporary relief but did not decrease the frequency of the pain.

Since receiving care at Tranquility Specific Chiropractic, my overall wellness has increased. In addition to my other problems going away, I have less anxiety and have not had any colds or sinus infections.

More importantly, I noticed a significant difference during my pregnancy. With my first pregnancy, I was seeing a regular chiropractor. Throughout the pregnancy, I had migraines, constant lower back and pelvic pain, esophageal reflux and difficulty sleeping. I also had major migraines, headaches and back pain during the recovery period.

During my second pregnancy, I was receiving regular Upper Cervical Care. I didn’t have any back pain and difficulty sleeping and only minimal pelvic discomfort and reflux. Also, the labor time was dramatically decreased! The recovery time has been shorter with less discomfort.
I would highly recommend Dr. Gurcak and Dr. Bragg because they provide care that is necessary and specific to your needs. They are unlike any other chiropractor that would adjust unnecessarily. Dr. Gurcak and Dr. Bragg only adjust with a full evaluation and only when an adjustment is needed.”

This is the BEST thing I have ever done!

“I have suffered from fibromyalgia for 16 years. I have also been diagnosed with migraines, TMJ, carpal tunnel and chronic fatigue syndrome. I had been to multiple doctors and experts. I have had intra-muscular shots, carpal tunnel surgery and was placed on multiple medications including Soma, Neurontin, Paxil, Elavil and Oxycontin. I had also been through pain therapy.

Since getting under care at Tranquility Specific Chiropractic, my life has changed dramatically. I am now able to take care of my daughter and do my chores. I also have more energy and patience, can ride my stationary bike and do stretches. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK! I can do just about everything and anything now.

Everyone says that I am back to my old self. The migraines have gone away and I am sleeping better at night. I am happier, not constantly depressed and crying anymore.

My husband brought me to Dr. Gurcak and Dr. Bragg and I never thought this would work. It really did!! It’s the best thing I have ever done.”

I have been able to resume my activities!

“For several years, I have been suffering from hip pain, knee discomfort with crunching, shoulder pain and migraine headaches. In the past 1 to 2 years, there has been an increase in frequency and pain level.

After getting adjusted, I have been able to run and walk long distances again (which I had to stop for the last several months). I am a marathon walker and aerobics instructor and all activity is much less painful than it was 6 months ago. Also, my headaches have stopped.
I would definitely suggest that people go to Tranquility Specific Chiropractic. Dr. Koran and Dr. Chad listen to you and every symptom you are having. They also offer VERY personal care. I would highly recommend both doctors to anyone!”

I didn’t need surgery after all!

“I had severe knee pain for approximately 5 years. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t walk, bend my knee, play with the kids, do household chores or any other normal daily activity. I sought help from medical doctors and experts who prescribed multiple painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications. Nothing seemed to help. In fact, the medical doctors advised me that my only choice was to get knee surgery.

Since getting under care at Tranquility Specific Chiropractic, my overall sense of well-being has improved. My knee pain is gone and my blood pressure has decreased! I resumed all of my daily activities, can bend my knee without any pain and can play with the kids again!

If asked to comment on the care I received at Tranquility Specific Chiropractic, I would have to say that it is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! The doctors are very attentive to patient complaints and concerns. They are willing to actually listen to what you are feeling and will explain thoroughly what your body is going through. They are very compassionate in their approach and downright cute to boot!”

My neck feels great and my sinuses problem is better!

“I sustained an old neck injury that caused stiffness and limited motion. I developed tight muscle bands in my back and lower ribs on my right side. I have suffered for 14 years with this condition. Over time, my body continually got stiffer. My energy level decreased over time.
Since getting adjusted, I have more energy, better flexibility and my sinus problem has lessened. I don’t use my nose spray as much as I have in the past. I have great range of motion in my neck and the pain in my mid-back has gone.

I highly recommend Dr. Koran and Dr. Chad. This has been a very simple procedure with great results for me and a God send for my wife. It has improved her quality of life. This was well worth the investment. Dr. Koran and Dr. Chad are genuinely nice people who care about their patients and their progress.”

My back pain is gone, along with my psoriasis.

“I have suffered from back pain since 1973. My back would go out at the oddest times and I would be in bed for days. I have an office job and the sitting all day used to bother my back terribly.

I was hesitant to go to a medical doctor for help with the back pain because I didn’t want to take any medication or have back surgery. With painkillers the pain might be gone, but the problem is still there. So I decided to try chiropractic.
Since getting under care, the back pain has disappeared. I am sleeping better and I feel better generally. In addition, I am able to exercise more than I ever have. There have been some pleasant, but unexpected, results with this type of care·my psoriasis went away. I had the skin disorder on my scalp and now it has completely cleared up.

I think the doctors at Tranquility are wonderful. I can speak openly and confidentially to them.”

Now my daughter, her husband and their three children are all under Upper Cervical Care!

“I have had scoliosis for about 40 or so years, since early childhood. The curvature in my spine caused several other health problems, such as tingling in my legs and feet, neck and back pain. Previously, nothing had been done to improve these conditions. Honestly, I had never considered seeing a chiropractor until my son had mentioned the wonderful results he had experienced.

I started seeing Dr. Gurcak at Tranquility Specific Chiropractic and now I tell others of my amazement that my spine could be moved and straightened. In fact, since my experience with Upper Cervical Care, I have convinced some of my family members to seek out Upper Cervical Chiroractors in their area. Now my daughter, her husband and their three children are all under Upper Cervical Care!”

Since seeing the doctors at Tranquility Specific Chiropractic, all my pains are gone.

“For 15 years, I had been suffering from severe TMJ problems, which lead to other musculoskeletal problems, chemical sensitivities, severe allergies, digestive problems and celiac sprue. The TMJ also caused me to have neck pain, shoulder pain, hip and lower back pain and knee pain.

I went from one doctor to the next trying to take care of the problems. I tried homeopathy, naturopathy, muscle therapy and gastroenterology. I was going to another chiropractor at the time and was beginning to feel very unstable in my spine with a lot of popping and moving.

Since seeing the doctors at Tranquility Specific Chiropractic, all my pains are gone. I am doing everything I did before, but now without pain. I have less anxiety and am more relaxed. My allergies are better, I have more energy, a better mental attitude and don’t have problems falling asleep. I feel very light, whereas my body used to feel like lead! I can play the piano and think better after the adjustment.

I think the doctors at Tranquility Specific Chiropractic are wonderful! They are highly skilled and very careful about “doing no harm” and not over-adjusting. They are caring, dedicated and supportive. They are also very affordable and take the worry out of the insurance nightmare!”


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