When Vertigo Hits: Explaining the False Sense of Spinning

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As more people suffer from the debilitating symptoms of vertigo, more patients seek a vertigo chiropractic doctor in Pittsburgh. It’s not surprising, after all. About 40% of Americans experience some form of dizziness (such as vertigo) and balance problems once in their lives.  Vertigo causes a person to feel an uncontrollable sensation of spinning or

Relieving Vertigo Symptoms with Proper Neck Alignment

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As veteran vertigo chiropractic doctors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we’ve seen how vertigo symptoms can affect those who experience it. But in case you aren’t familiar with this disorder, it brings discomfort through an uncontrollable spinning sensation, even while in a stationary position.  The spinning sensation of vertigo can happen from two perspectives. If you feel

Correcting Spinal Alignment Brings Vertigo Relief

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Vertigo is not merely feeling dizzy. It is an encompassing sensation that you or the world around you is spinning. In other words, you have a false sense of movement when there actually is no movement happening. Other associated symptoms include nausea, vomiting, problems walking, and sweating. If the symptoms worsen when you move your

Meniere’s Disease: Your Guide to Getting Relief

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Vertigo, the sensation of whirling and loss of balance, is not a standalone condition in and of itself.  Rather, vertigo is a symptom of an underlying health condition, typically a disorder of the inner ear. With vertigo, people can experience episodes of dizziness that can last for a minute, for days, and any duration of