5 Fibromyalgia Eye Problems You Should Know About

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What is fibromyalgia best known for? The first thing just about anyone thinks of when they hear the word fibromyalgia is the chronic pain that it causes. However, there are many other fibromyalgia symptoms to be aware of, and we are going to focus on one in particular today. Fibromyalgia eye problems can become chronic and be

More Than Body Pain: 10 Red Flag Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

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If you ask every patient with fibromyalgia about their experience, they’d collectively cry out: “Painful!”  They’d tell you about how they wake up in the morning with their whole body aching. Then, they might give you an example of what this disorder feels like-- imagine getting run over by a raging bull, but you don’t

Fibro Fog – The 7 Little-Known Cognitive Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

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Most people know fibromyalgia as a debilitating pain condition. However, more than half of patients also present with a series of cognitive symptoms that have been dubbed fibro fog (sometimes called brain fog when associated with other conditions). What decline in mental faculties may a fibromyalgia sufferer be dealing with? This article can help patients

Sustainable Ways to Cope with Fibromyalgia

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If your doctor has diagnosed you with fibromyalgia, you may have felt like he had pulled the rug out from under your feet. Like other medical practitioners, upper cervical chiropractors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are doing their best to educate people afflicted with this condition. This piece of content will help you better understand what fibromyalgia

4 Devastating Conditions Linked to Fibromyalgia

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When it comes to a chronic health condition like fibromyalgia, the symptoms themselves are difficult enough to deal with. Unfortunately, fibromyalgia also comes along with an increased risk of developing various associated conditions. We’re going to look at four of the more common ones, and then consider a natural way to find some relief. Read

Adjusting to Life with Fibromyalgia: 5 Helpful Tips

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Many patients, newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia or not, search for a chiropractor for fibromyalgia in Pittsburgh. Fibromyalgia can shake the world of anyone who has it. It is definitely a major life change to deal with chronic pain, fatigue, and stigma attached to the disorder. Aside from those, patients also must cope with other symptoms

5 Tips and Tricks to Manage Fibromyalgia Fatigue

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When talking about fibromyalgia, most people share about the chronic pain that comes with it but neglect one important symptom that can be just as debilitating – fatigue. In this blog, we are going to give you five tips and tricks to manage this symptom of fibromyalgia and maintain your productivity despite the fatigue. We