A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Migraines in Children

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If you think children are spared from migraines, you are wrong. As a parent, it is essential to know that migraines are a neurological disorder that affects people of all ages, including children. As many as 39 million people in the world suffer from migraines, and about 5% of those are kids. Those as young

Upper Cervical Chiropractors in Pittsburgh Examine the Cause of Migraines

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If you are suffering the effects of migraines, then you know just how debilitating they are, but rest assured that you are far from alone. There are about 39 million people in the US suffering from this neurological condition. So why don’t we have a better grasp of the underlying cause of migraines? We're going

Migraines: Keeping a Diary and What Triggers to Be Aware Of

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If you have ever had an experience with migraines or know someone who suffers, you appreciate just how severe this neurological condition can be. Migraines are known for several symptoms: Severe pounding and throbbing head pain One side of the head may be affected or both sides Sensitivity to light, sound, and certain odors Nausea